25. Aug 2014 - 29. Aug 2014, Event for prospective students

Schnupperstudium Informatik für Schülerinnen August 2014


12. Sep 2014, Workshop

ZISC workshop 2014 - Information Security


22. Sep 2014, Talk

Wie sicher ist sichere Verschlüsselung?



Jun 29, 2014 - Prof. Olga Sorkine: 3D-Joysticks als digitale Puppenspieler

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Jun 27, 2014

Inside-IT - Prof. Olga Sorkine: ETH kreiert Baukasten fuer 3D-Animationen

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Jun 26, 2014

ETH News - Prof. Olga Sorkine: A versatile joystick for animation artists

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Prof. Gaston Gonnet: when technology holds the key to evolution

Prof. Gaston Gonnet portrait

Prof. Gaston Gonnet has researched at the intersection between technology and life itself, substantially contributing to unlocking life's mysteries with bio- informatics and computational biology.
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Shifting the paradigm: pioneering research network in learning systems established

ETH and Max Planck Institute logo

ETH and the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems have joined forces to form a pioneering research network in learning systems.
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Deobfuscating JavaScript through program analysis and machine learning

Prof. Martin Vechev portrait

There is still an ongoing 'war' between software developers and crackers. Read how Prof. Martin Vechev deobfuscates JavaScript, but also makes software safer at the same time.
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New Intel Parallel Computing Center at ETH

Prof. Torsten Hoefler portrait

Prof. Torsten Hoefler collaborates with Intel, MeteoSwiss and CSCS to tackle the challenges of growing parallelism in high performance computing.
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ROI or Return On Individuals: What ETH does for society

Prof. Bernd Gärtner and the "Laboratory for Children" bring scientific subjects such as computer science closer to individuals at the ETH hosted event "Treffpunkt Science City".
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