4 May 2015, Talk

Special Talk: Adi Shamir, Post-Snowden Cryptography

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11 May 2015, Colloquium

Daniel Cremers, Direct and Dense 3D Reconstruction from Autonomous Quadrotors

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Apr 20, 2015

bulletin-online - Herbert Bruderer: Schwierigkeiten beim Bau der Ermeth

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Apr 18, 2015

Schweiz am Sonntag - Prof. Markus Gross: Star Wars made in Zuerich

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Mar 26, 2015

Netzwoche - CeBIT: Die Stimmung unter den Schweizer Ausstellern

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Prof. Friedrich Ludwig Bauer (1924-2015)

Professor Friedrich Ludwig Bauer

Computer science pioneer Friedrich Ludwig Bauer, a friend of ETH and close companion of the first computer science professor at ETH, Heinz Rutishauser, passed away end of March 2015. Obituary (German)

Three Swiss universities showcase cutting-edge research

Swiss universities at CeBIT 2015

The theme of the 2015 CeBIT event - "d!conomy" - highlights the sweeping digital transformation of the world. Prof. Pollefeys will share the latest findings of his research at the Global Conferences. Read more

Maximizing 21st century technologies for knowledge

Prof. Gustavo Alonso

A new data-intensive discipline has emerged at the intersection between astronomy/astrophysics, applied computer science and advanced statistics: 'astroinformatics'.
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Next grand challenge of computing: How to reinvent the internet?

Prof. Adrian Perrig

Trustworthiness is paramount in an 'always online' world. Prof. Adrian Perrig proposes nothing less than a new internal design for a simple, safe and reliable internet.
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50 years of programming

Prof. Walter Gander

On May 12, 1964, ETH bought its first computer: the CDC 1604-A, a machine from Control Data. This was also the start for students to learn programming.
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